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Our school

It's quite tough to give our ski school a definition: 67 instructors between 19 and 65 years old and between 150 and 210 cm tall, body weights from 47kg to 150kg, all kind of hobbies, playing cards or studying Balzac...in a few words, a place where it is impossible for you not to find the right instructor! But if you wish to know more about us, here we go...

The Sauze d'Oulx Project Ski school was founded in 1990, by eight at that time young and lively instructors and, as if by magic, it all seemed to work perfectly. The magic ingredients were two national snowboard instructors, four trainers and a huge amount of enthusiasm. At first addressed to the smaller skiers and to snowboarders, it gradually became also a meeting point after the day spent on the snow. Always thanks to good luck or maybe because the instructors felt like being at home, the work team and staff grew bigger. Young instructors join in bringing their new knowledges, their enthusiasm and liveliness. An always increasing number of small ones come skiing with us and that's when we started the Formula Club and the Week-end courses, not long after followed by the "Corso Aspiranti Maestri" addressed to those who, after many years of skiing, would like to try and become ski instructors.

In 2004 the "Progetto Sciabile" is founded, thanks to the collaboration with BMW Italy, the prestigious German car company, who decides to found a project to make skiing possible, free and safe for those who have disabilities. So a special thanks goes, once again, to BMW and all the people who joined the project and skied with us.

2009-2010 has been our 20 year anniversary and, if it's true that when you're having fun time flies by, then we must have had a great amount of fun as these 20 years have just gone so fast!!!

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Sauze Project

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