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Below is a series of questions that we frequently ask ourselves that are not meant to be exhaustive. In fact, the answers cannot be considered “always valid”. For each situation and client they can change and not correspond. However, we believe that this can be a small introductory and explanatory guide. If you do not find the answer to your questions, contact us by clicking on the button below.

My son is a beginner

From about 3 years old. We strongly recommend that the first approach be done face to face with a teacher who will make him take his first steps on the snow, entertaining him and giving him all the necessary attention. It will then be up to the professional to assess when he will be ready for his first ski course. In fact, the biological age does not always correspond with the personal age.

Parents can attend ski lessons without problems, as long as they do not disturb. However, very often it would be better for parents not to stop in the immediate vicinity because children are unable to focus on learning.

You can consult the page relating to private lessons at the following link: Private Lessons

Just like adults, in fact it will probably tolerate the cold better, so never overdo it with clothing. Particular attention must be paid to the choice of boots that must be comfortable but never large, skis always kept in excellent condition and very important to the helmet, which must be of the right size and approved for skiing.

For beginner children, the empirical rule of height on the chest is applied, for advanced children the height between shoulders and nose. As for adults, the length depends on the type of job, level and needs. Beginners will certainly have shorter skis and the rule of height on the chest can be accepted.

Normally when he has acquired a fair amount of independence and balance, translated into numbers after 3-4 hours of lessons. It will be the instructor's task and concern to warn you about when the right time will be.

They must be waterproof, as children love to play and touch the snow and the snow is wet! They don't have to be too big or they'll never be able to hold the stick (don't buy them for growth!). With the fingers (classic glove) they are more comfortable and it is easier to grip the stick, without fingers (muffle) they are easier to put on but you have less grip to grip the stick. These tips are valid for everyone but with particular reference to younger children (3-5 years)

Certainly, especially if it is young. However, it may happen that this case too can be used as a learning moment. Letting the child undress and go to the bathroom alone, or with some companion, is certainly a way to grow and acquire motor gestures, especially when the zip get stuck and the straps do not come off. The instructor will obviously have the situation under control and will make sure that there are no problems or dangers. It can also happen that in case of extreme need we "manage" on the slopes ...

It depends on where the lesson will take place. If you choose to ski in our “FUNNY LAND” near the "Chalet del Sole" area, the ski pass is not necessary. On the contrary, if you start from the Clotes chairlift it will be necessary.

€ 10.00 for children up to 8 years of age with insurance included.

for more information visit the site Vialattea

My son wants to take a group course

Very difficult to say. Each child has their own learning times. Usually we wait until he is able to tackle the beginners' path alone and without the help of the tip holder.

No, it is not included and it is mandatory for all lifts without restrictions.

In addition to the ski pass and the telephone numbers of the parents and the money for lunch (for those taking the 5-hour courses) we recommend: tissues for the nose, a snack, disposable hand warmers for the colder days .

At the start of the Clotes chairlift 20 min. before the start of the courses, or at the top of the chairlift at our meeting point at the time of the start of the course.


Snowboarding equipment is available from 5 years of age. However, not all children are able to start that early. It is therefore necessary to evaluate each child individually and establish whether he has already developed a suitable structure and a good sense of balance.

Definitely the helmet and the back protector (shell). Wrist bands are recommended.

General Questions

15 days before the lesson.

Registrations for all types of our courses open from 20 November. However, keep in mind that the courses held during the Christmas and Carnival periods are in great demand. It is therefore advisable not to wait for the last few days to avoid not finding a place.

Winter sports are practiced outdoors in the fresh mountain air. For us, there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing. If it snows, skiing is often more beautiful and exciting than when it is sunny. Seeing is believing!

In Sauze d’Oulx you can conveniently find equipment at the numerous rental and sports shops present. Our school recommends:

  • Maison Clataud - located in the center of the village in front of the Caffè della Seggiovia - 0122 850 353
  • Chalp Ski Center - at the departure point of the Clotes chairlift - +39 0122 850 966