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In this section you will find a series of most commonly asked questions. Please consider that the answers are not the rule for everyone in the same way. For each situation and person the answers could be a slightly different. However this is a brief guide line for you. If you can't find the answer to your question please contact us by clicking the following button.
My son/daughter is a beginner

How old must my child be to start skiing and take lessons?

Usually kids start skiing at 3 years old. We warmly recommend a few private lessons to start. The instructor will introduce him/her to this sport taking care of all his/her needs.
The teacher will then evaluate when they are ready to move to his/her first group lesson. Each child takes its own time.

Can the parents assist to his/her first ski lesson?

I genitori possono assistere senza problemi alle lezioni di sci, purchè non disturbino. Tuttavia molto spesso sarebbe meglio che i genitori non si fermassero nelle immediate vicinanze perché i bambini non riescono a concentrarsi sull’apprendimento.

How much does a private lesson cost?

  • 1 hour 1 person € 39,00
  • 1 hour 2 persons € 48,00
  • 1 hour 3 persons € 58,00
  • 1 hour 4 persons € 68,00

How should I dress my child for the lesson?

Just like an adult would dress but kids don-t suffer the cold as much so don't exaggerate.
Particular attention must be taken when choosing the ski boots, they must be comfortable but never too big. The skis must always be in good conditions and the helmet is very important, it must be the right size and homologated for skiing.

How long should my child's skis be?

According to the empirical rule, for beginner kids, skis should reach the chest, for advanced skiers they should be between shoulder and nose.
Concerning adults the length depends on the use you want to do, the level and on your needs.
Beginners can surely do with shorter skis so for adults we normally consider the hight of the chest.

When will my child use the ski poles?

Normally they will start using poles when they acquire a good independence and a good balance, usually after the 3rd or 4th lesson.
However the teacher will tell you when it is the right moment to bring the poles.

What should I consider when buying gloves?

Gloves must be waterproof, kids love playing with the snow and snow is wet!
They mustn't be too big or they won't manage to have a good grip on the poles (they cannot be bought for when they grow up!) Gloves with 5 fingers are easier to hold the poles, mitten gloves are easier to put on but don't have a god grip on the poles.
These tips are good for anyone but especially for the smaller ones (3-5 years old).

Will you take my child to the toilet if needed?

Yes of course especially if they are small. This will also become an educational moment.
If the child gets undressed and goes to the toilet on his/her own or with his little friends he/she will surely learn new gestures especially when they can't close their zips or the braces don't come undone!
The teacher will always have everything under control and will make sure that there are no problems or dangers.
It could even happen, in case of emergency, that the side of the runs turns into an occasional toilet...

If my son/daughter is a beginner, do I need to buy a day pass?

It depends on where the lesson will take place. If the lessons will be at our ski school beginners area "Funnyland" at the "Chalet del Sole" area, then you won't need the lift pass.
But if you take the chairlift then you need a pass.

How much does the ski pass cost?

€ 8,50 for kids under 8 years old included insurance.
For further details visit the Vialattea website.

My son/daughter wants to join a collective course

How many private hours should my child do before joining a group?

Very difficult to say. Each child has its own timing.
Normally when they can easily come down the beginners run with no external aid.

Is the day pass included in the price of the course?

No, it is not included but it is obligatory for all the lifts.

What should I put in my child's pockets before going to ski?

The ski pass, parents phone numbers, money for lunch (for who will do the 5 hour courses). We also suggest you put in their pockets, paper tissues, a little snack, the neck-warmer and the disposable hand warmers for the really cold days.

Where do group lessons start from?

Departure is at the Clotes chairlift 20 minutes before courses start, or at the top of the chairlift at our meeting point, at the accorded lesson hour.


How old should my son/daughter be to try snowboarding?

The equipment for snowboarding is available starting from 5 years old. However not all kids can start so early so we will evaluate singularly if the child has already developed the right structure and balance.

Should my child where any protections?

Surely they must wear a helmet and the back shell, wrist protections are suggested.

General inquiries

How much advance should I consider when booking a ski lesson with an instructor?

15 days before the lesson.

How long before should I book a collective course?

The registrations to all our courses open on the 20th of November but please consider that Christmas and Carnival (half term) period courses are very requested. Therefore we suggest to sign up with plenty of advance to avoid finding no more available places.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Gli sport invernali si praticano all’aperto nell’aria fresca di montagna. Per noi non esiste il brutto tempo, ma solo l’abbigliamento sbagliato. Se nevica, sciare è spesso più bello ed emozionante di quando c’è il sole. Provare per credere!

Where can I rent my equipment?

In Sauze you can easily find all the equipment in one of the many rental shops.
We suggest:

  • Maison Clataud located at the centre of the village in front of "Caffe della seggiovia" bar - 0122 850353
  • Chalp Ski Center located at the beginning of the Clotes chairlift - 0122 850966

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