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Classical donations

You can help us by sending money in 3 ways:

  • clicking on the "PayPal donation" button on our website.
  • Bank transfer to "Sport Project Sciabile Onlus" IBAN IT61Q0306909606100000139881, reason "free donation to Sport Project Sciabile Onlus" from "Name and Surname" born "place" date "dd/mm/yyyy" tax code "xxxxxxxxx" email "xxxxx"
  • Non-transferable cheque out to "Sport Project Sciabile Onlus"

After you send the donation, you will receive a thanks letter on our behalf that you will have to print and attach to the donation copy in order to benefit on the tax declaration (Italian system)


Do you want to support the "progetto sciabile"?

Every Year approximately 100 kids don't have the chance to ski with us due to the lack of founds... you can help with a donation directly trough PayPal.